GF Oats



A growing business who are now stocked in multiple supermarket chains across Australia, GF Oats wanted to capitalise on their retail success by improving their online presence and performance in all channels. 

Increase Social Ads Revenue
Increase Google Ads Revenue
Increase Organic Traffic
Increase Unique Purchases

The Client

GF Oats Australia are the leaders in the supply of GF Oats in Australia and New Zealand. Their signature range is Steamed Rolled Oats that are uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley, and which are tested to nil gluten content.

Oats cannot be called gluten free in Australia, due to currently labelling laws restricting any claim of gluten free oats. This clause is in review but until then, GF Oats is referred to as Gloriously Free Oats – ‘The Oats you can Trust” and sell a range of oat products that are sourced from Australian farmers.

The Brief

The team at GF Oats are some of the hardest working we at Reform Digital have ever seen. With hard workers, comes a real lack of time and this was the major reason for GF Oats to reach out to us. The brief emphasised the importance of a dynamic and full scale campaign that could cover ALL the areas of GF Oats online presence. The bare minimum was that GF Oats wanted to improve revenue from ALL traffic sources by 25%, otherwise they would be forced to find another agency. 

The Campaign


GF Oats has an issue with an individual shop website and a lead generation website originally set up, so it was decided that the main focus will be on the ecommerce store to improve revenue. After the initial keyword research, the SEO team at Reform Digital then disavowed a huge number of spammy backlinks to improve the backlink profile, whilst also building some strong outreach links to improve authority. Over the next 5 months, a content strategy was put together including blogs from the client and updating content on target pages.

Google Ads

All campaigns were limited by budget and hadn’t been adjusted for several months, so the team updated the appropriate amount of budget to increase the campaigns performance and broke the basic search campaign set up into different product categories. We also set up some brand campaigns as GF Oats is well known across Australia and this limited competitors bidding on the GF oats name, whilst also giving a solid boost in paid sales. 

Social Ads

After updating creative which was outdated and not performing, the social team split tested a few different target demographics and updated the remarketing campaign to deliver within a quick time frame to encourage some urgency from potential customers.

Further to this, Reform Digital paused the underperforming campaigns that were less than 1X ROAS and invested energy into the best campaigns for a return for the client. 

The Results

The strategy undertaken by Reform Digital resulted in a massive boost of revenue for GF Oats leading to a 156% increase in Social Ads Revenue over the last 6 months, 98% increase in Google Ads Revenue, 41% Increase in Organic Traffic and a 71% increase in unique purchases across the board. 

The founder of GF Oats Kylie Martin said “I was blown away with how quickly this campaign worked, after trying so many things before engaging with Reform Digital. They promised, they delivered and they are still improving our campaigns on a monthly basis – We are stoked!”

Video Testimonial

Kylie, the founder of GF Oats, joined us to explain how she has found her experience with Reform Digital to date. 

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