Secrets Shhh



Being one of Australia’s largest and most trusted suppliers of worlds finest hand made diamonds, it was vital that Secrets Shhh solidified their online strategy through both social media advertising and Google advertising.

By making appropriate campaign optimisations, improving audience targeting and identifying growth opportunities across the board, Reform Digital were able to boost performance dramatically. 

Google Ads Return On
Ad Spend
Social Ads Return On
Ad Spend
Increase Paid Revenue
Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate

The Client

Founded in Noosa, Australia in 2000, Secrets Shhh is inspired by the philosophy that everyone should be able to enjoy the diamond of their dreams. Combining decades of jewellery experience, Secrets Shhh revolutionised the diamond industry by being first to introduce a high quality diamond alternative. 

They have always had a solid retail presence in Australia and engaged Reform Digital in July 2020 to begin working on their digital marketing strategy to replicate this presence online. 

The Brief

The goal was pretty simple. DOUBLE REVENUE YEAR ON YEAR. That’s right, this ambitious target was set to double their online revenue through various traffic sources and achieve substantial growth from the previous year. After assessing the risk associated with agreeing to double revenue, the team at Reform Digital couldn’t help but see all of the opportunities available in this campaign and decided to go forward with this.

The brief outlined that Google Ads, Social Media Ads and the Conversion Rates of the website would be the major focus of this campaign and increasing Return On Ad Spend across the board was required to deliver the outlined expectations. 

The Campaign

Google Ads

Google was spending 50% of its budget on display advertising, which wasn’t converting into any revenue. Reform Digital’s paid specialists pushed budget to the higher performing campaigns in Google Shopping and Search to improve the amount of revenue being earned by the client.

Social Ads

Facebook creative was outdated and Secrets Shhh weren’t utilising their expansive email database, so a lookalike audience was created to encourage better engagement and this allowed the campaigns to scale rapidly. Remarketing campaigns were adjusted to avoid exhausting the audience and provided a clear uptick in overall campaign return.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Apart from a few very easy to fix relevant content issues, the biggest improvement on the website was the capability of the search bar. 

Users Using Search Bar – 2.37% Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Users Not Using Search Bar – 0.67% Ecommerce Conversion Rate

By improving the prominence of the search bar, installing Algolia to ensure better User Experience while using search and by also including the search bar in the sticky navigation functionality of the website, more users were enticed to use search leading to better conversions overall.

The Results

118% INCREASED YEAR ON YEAR PAID REVENUE. You heard that right, we achieved the outlandish goal of doubling revenue over an incredible 9 month campaign. Google Ads was able to achieve 14.8X ROAS in all campaigns, Social was consistent with 11.2X ROAS on their campaigns and we were able to increase the Ecommerce Conversion Rate by 67% leading to a mammoth 118% increased paid revenue year on year.

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