Offroad Industries



With super strong competition in an outdated market, Offroad Industries came to Reform Digital looking to set themselves apart. With a heavy focus on paid advertising, the team were able to improve performance by:

Google Ads Return On
Ad Spend
Social Ads Return On
Ad Spend
Increase Ecommerce Revenue
Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate

The Client

Hitting the 4×4 Accessories industry hard in 201, Offroad Industries have constantly expanded their range of products and built a one stop shop for all things motor vehicle. Originally based out of a garage, Offroad Industries now sells over 20,000 products per year out of their huge facility in Abbotsford Victoria and ship Australia Wide.

The Brief

After an in depth discussion with the client and the efforts they had done themselves in-house for the last 5 years, Reform Digital were given the task doubling revenue. That’s right – DOUBLING REVENUE!

After a thorough analysis of existing campaigns, competitor analysis, plenty of creative and ad copy research and an understanding of the opportunities that were available, Reform Digital decided that although it was extremely ambitious, 100% growth was achievable in a 6 month campaign. 

The Campaign

Social Ads

The existing campaigns were extremely basic in their set up and the ad copy / creative were thrown together without much consideration for the market and what competitors were doing. There were also some bidding optimisations required and Offroad industries weren’t taking full advantage of a lookalike audience from their massive email database.

Reform Digital updated the creative and ad copy on ALL campaigns and added some new highly targeted campaigns to optimise the campaigns performance. Dynamic retargetting was added along with split testing new audience variations with the lookalike audience and refining the most engaging campaigns to increase conversions.

Google Ads / Shopping

There were major issues with the Merchant Feed displaying products for Google Shopping, so this was a priority from the get-go. By fixing this issue, Reform Digital were able to list 500+ extra products. 

Turning off the Google Display campaigns that were running initially and improving the search campaign performance rounded out the Google Ads campaigns and scaling budget over the 6 months whilst maintaining a strong Return On Ad Spend led to a huge increase in Paid Revenue. 

Conversion Optimisation

An initial audit was completed at the beginning of the campaign, including heuristic analysis, heatmapping analysis, technical analysis and user testing – which led to a few major CRO changes being implemented:

– Improved search bar prominence and functionality

– Trust Icons installed

– Updated home page flow and copy messaging

– Page speed improvements

The Results

By fixing initial problems and highlighting a strategy that could scale all paid traffic sources, Reform Digital was able to achieve the initial “doubling” of paid revenue by improving ecommerce revenue by 113%. The conversion optimisation changes also contributed to the overall boost in revenue by improving the conversion rate of the existing traffic, along with the newly created traffic, by improving ecommerce conversion rate by 43%. This campaign should prove to be just the beginning of an extremely promising digital marketing campaign for Offroad Industries.

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