Make Badges



Make Badges are one of the biggest suppliers of custom badges in Australia, but with the hit of COVID and a lack of sales, they turned to Reform Digital for help. 

Social Ads Return On Ad Spend
Increase Facebook Ads Revenue
Increase Google Ads Traffic
Increase Google Ads Revenue

The Client

Make Badges have been making top quality personalised badges is our passion and with over 15 years experience we are experts in helping communicate customers creativity for promotional or personal use. Their custom made button badges are available in over a dozen shapes and sizes, meaning there’s a perfect badge for your fundraiser, school event, band, sports club, charity, or social awareness campaign.

The Brief

After a woeful performance during COVID in 2020, all paid advertising had taken a large hit for Make Badges who were desperate to turn things around. After speaking with Reform Digital and putting together a paid campaign strategy and identifying a few User Experience optimisations initially in the campaign, it was agreed that the KPI for the campaign was to improve social ads performance to be above 10X ROAS and increase Google Ads revenue by 50%.

The Campaign

Google Ads

Google Shopping was down, Google Search was down and a huge portion of the budget was being pushed into display advertising, which was bringing in too much top of funnel traffic and not enough visitors with intent to purchase. We aimed for a more aggressive bidding strategy and dedicated the right ad spend into the high converting accounts across the board. 

Social Ads

Outdated creative and a lack of direction with the campaign set up was the reason for the campaign to have dropped off over time. Taking into consideration that COVID also had an affect on the campaign, it was time to pivot away from some of the products that had been targeted over the pandemic and to go back to some larger volume order style campaigns.

A new focus and re-allocation of budget to the remarketing campaigns also helped convert more a lot more of the bottom of funnel audience. 

The Results

The strategy and delivery of paid ads and conversion optimisation made for a fantastic campaign that produced over 14X ROAS with social ads and we achieved a 55% increase in google ads revenue, which was above the KPI identified at the start of the campaign. 

The team at Reform Digital have a roadmap for the next 12 months of the Make Badges campaign to scale even further than these initial results. 

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